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Grand Lodge of New Jersey

Nelson S. Saavedra, Worshipful Master

James Kudrick, P.S.G.D., Secretary
Arthur J. Campbell, Senior Warden Gregory H. Nazarian, P.M., Treasurer

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Tolerance is defined in the dictionary as: being patient and indulgent toward those whose opinions or practices differ from one’s own. It also means being free from bigotry, or severity in judging the opinions or conduct of others. Being tolerant also means we show forbearance.

One of the fundamentals of Freemasonry is tolerance. We don’t speak of it much in lodge, but it is inherent in the very way our lodges operate. We teach prudence, justice and temperance and advocate brotherly love and good neighborliness in Freemasonry. But for one reason or another there is no mention of tolerance as a Masonic virtue or tenet. The closest we come is to teach “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. True Brotherly love is when a brother can show tolerance to another human in spite of the others conflicting opinions and failings, even if this means a case of applying the old maxim in practice: Hate the sin but love the sinner. Tolerance is the unwritten law of Freemasonry. There can be no Brotherly Love without it. Many a Mason will articulate Masonic tolerance firstly in terms of religious tolerance or political tolerance. That is only part of the pie. As we begin to fully appreciate the customs and traditions of Freemasonry, we realize how much deeper the meaning of tolerance goes.

A Mason should be one who tolerates opinions or practices differing from his own. He should also be prepared to defend another’s right to have a difference of opinion. Tolerance can be said to be a Mason’s recognition of the right of private judgment including his own. We need to be tolerant of others, but we also need to be tolerant of ourselves too. Tolerance is not about surrendering our own beliefs or compromising our own values. It is more about respecting another’s right to hold differing views.

Think before you act and always exercise tolerance in all aspects or your daily lives.

Cordially & Fraternally,
Perry A. Calcagno
Worshipful Master, 2018

George Washington’s Rules of Civility and
Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation

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Matawan Lodge No. 192
192 Main Street
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Phone – 732 583 7875
Email – Info@MatawanLodge.org